Our Vision

To make Neercare Agro a leading company for Innovative Food products, Agritourism and Agrotechnology.

Our Mission

  • To introduce innovative Food from the Roots based on fusion of robust scientific research and traditional knowledge of ancient Indian herbs.
  • To engage in Organic farming, Horticulture, and Floriculture and revolutionize these practices in India and propel it into a successful, profitable, and sustainable sector of agriculture
  • To be leading company to provide and promote Agritourism services in India
  • To seamlessly integrate technology in all aspects of agriculture
  • To educate and inform Indian farmers on the best agricultural practices and recent advances

Our Purpose

  • Leverage knowledge of ancient Indian herbs and integrate it in food to enhance health benefits for the consumer
  • To develop agritourism and related recreational services, such as food and floriculture farm tours, Himalayan Mountain range helicopter sightseeing, U-pick farms to give customers a hands-on farm experience, On-farm markets, farm stays, farm camps and Farm-to-table dining
  • To establish business to business global supply chain linkage via. integrated platform to bring together buyers, sellers and producers
  • To develop seamless global e-commerce portal to facilitate accessibility to innovative food products for Indian and Global market.
  • Provide state of the art and futuristic technological tools to optimize yield and quality of produce
  • To develop integrated network with leading food research and development universities and thought leaders to advance knowledge sharing and educate Indian farmers on recent developments while leveraging technology.

Our Accolades and Accreditation

Meet Our Founding Team

Vivek Khurana

Founder & CEO

Introducer of first organic smart city in India.
High rise & prefab architectural concepts & Green building expert.
India’s first creative co-working, Silver Green Caves Resorts Brys Caves.
Possess natural instinct of designing with innovations with in depth 25 years working experience in continents of America, Europe, Middle east & Asia.

Neeraj Srivastava

Founder & Promoter

IIT Delhi Alumni, B.TECH in Chemical engineering from HBTI KANPUR
A rich experience of 32+ years exclusive in the Water & Waste Water Industry, expertise of Business Development, Tendering, Liaison, Project Management, Vendor Management, Material Management, Cost Management & in house Team Building across India and overseas.

Dr. Upender Kapoor

Co-Founder ( Next Gen Food )

Nidhi Vivek Khurana

Co-Founder ( Floriculture )

R. Chaman Varshney

( Mentor & Advisor Panel )

Rahul Mishra​

(Alliances – International)

Our Agro Superstars

Dr. Vikas Kumar Sharma

(Fruit Science & Protected Cultivation)

Dr. Akanksha Singh

(Food, Nutrition & Value addition)

Dr. Rupali Sharma

(Floriculture & Landscape Architecture)

Dr. Pravin Kumar Sharma

(Vegetable Science)

From the Founder's Desk

We can’t deny the fact that agriculture is the backbone of India and a great percentage of our economy depends on the agriculture sector.

Having stated this, Agri-tourism is the latest trend gaining popularity in the country. In the world of climate change and pandemic, people are now keener towards finding their roots and going back to nature.

We are Focused,
We are Technology First,
We are Aggressive
We are Team Neercare Agro!